Infomation in english

Infomation in english

Welcome to Pirenópolis Natural Pousada e Spa.

Nice to meet you.

It´s pleasure to have you here.

Reservation by email.

Visit our web site for more informations.

Fill in a form for subscription and send for analysis.

Pay 50% of the total in advance.

After the stay here, write a message in our menssages book.

We offer

Massage, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, clay, relaxation, green juyce, detox plan, lan of weight plan, accommodation, natural foods, store, iridology, shiatsu, reflexology, walk in the wood along the river and swim in the river, medicinal teas, etc.


Value of the stay at the spa per day  R$350,00 per person.

Value of the hotel R$ 150.00 a day, couple.

Forms of payment:

50% in advance for reservation, with money deposit into a bank account.

We don´t accept credit card.

Check / cheque

Opening times

From 8 am to 12 pm. From 2 pm  to 6 pm.